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Whether you compete as a service provider or consume telecommunications services as part of your business, you need the most up-to-date information, tools and expertise to gain a competitive advantage. Learn more about our live events and webinars below!

Live Webinars

Three Questions to Ask When Sourcing Fiber

November 13th at 2:00PM EST

Join FiberLocator and NEF, Inc. for a free webinar on November 13th at 2pm EST, “Three Questions to Ask When Procuring Fiber” 

Our experts will uncover critical information to save time and increase the accuracy of your fiber information. 

At the end of the webinar you'll walk away with a better understanding of: 
• Who is using fiber and why 
• The benefit fiber provides to customers 
• How to determine your client’s connectivity needs 
• The importance of a streamlined process for sourcing fiber networks 
• Tips and tricks to quickly and easily access the critical information you need 


Andy Regitsky’s 2019 Telecom Regulation Forecast

Throughout 2018, the Republican-dominated FCC – much to the delight of price cap ILECs and ISPs – started to gut many long-standing telecom regulations…from net neutrality and switched access arbitrage to UNEs and bedrock special access services.  And, the FCC didn’t stop there.  They also jumpstarted proceedings on rural call completion, pernicious fraud in the Lifeline program and the issue of annoying – and unwanted - robocalls.  That’s an audacious agenda.  But some question the extent of the FCC’s success and at a time where political and judicial influence in FCC decisions is at an all-time high, 2019 shapes up as a referendum year on the current FCC.

Discover what’s in store in 2019 at a FREE CCMI Hub webinar, Andy Regitsky’s 2019 Telecom Regulation Forecast, on Tuesday, December 4 at 2 PM ET.

Attend and tap into Andy’s always insightful analysis of 2019 as he outlines: 

  • The lingering net neutrality court battles…and ISP tactics and strategies absent any FCC oversight.
  • Whether or not the USTelecom petition to eliminate UNE requirements will succeed
  • FCC efforts to stamp out longstanding arbitrage in toll-free 8YY and overall switched access markets
  • The looming possibility of an abrupt and total move to bill-and-keep for all switched access services.
  • Potential FCC action to deregulate special access for rate-of-return ILECs
  • FCC plans for Lifeline, robocall, and rural call completion.

And, as always, Andy will host a lively Q&A session to address your most important questions. Each issue has a profound implication for all industry stakeholders. Make sure that you and your organization are prepared! Register now for Andy Regitsky’s 2019 Telecom Regulation Forecast.