The End Game: Special Access & the FCC

After more than a decade of byzantine procedural and legal proceedings, the FCC’s investigation into ILEC special access is at a critical point.

Industry stakeholders are now pouring over all of the data filed by both special access providers and purchasers and on January 6th, 2016 will provide their initial comments to the FCC. These comments, and the arguments and agreements they contain, frame the balance of the FCC’s investigation.

Check out this special one hour webinar, The End Game: Special Access & the FCC hosted by industry veteran, Andy Regitsky. This information packed session gives you an incisive analysis of the issues still to be resolved, like:

  •  Will contract tariffs for pricing flexibility continue to govern ILEC business relationships and if not, what replaces contract tariffs?
  •  "Take or pay" termination liability clauses are a big issues for special access customers. Will the FCC agree to soften or eliminate them?
  •  What protections and remedies does your company have if it is adversely affected by the FCC's decisions?
  •  Will the CALLS plan, which has eliminated almost all mandatory special access price decreases, continue to be in effect?
  •  What are the FCC's options and which one is the FCC most likely to choose?
  •  BONUS: Andy also gives you a rundown of the FCC's just initiated investigation into ILEC optional payment plans (a longtime thorn in the side of CLECs).

Special access is the lifeblood of CLEC networks and of most enterprise customers. So what the FCC decides is critical to your network and your budget.