The IP-to-IP Interconnection Battle

Insights on 2014's Regulatory, Economic & Technical Issues & Challenges

Join attorney Jim Lister of Birch, Horton, Bittner & Cherot for a hard look at the tough problems that surround IP interconnection, many of which will be decided in the coming months. The transition to an all-IP network is inevitable, but the path and timing is very much up for debate. Make sure you understand all the issues and arguments and what they mean to you…Just consider the latest developments and unresolved questions faced by the FCC, state commissions and carriers:

  •  On April 1, 2014, AT&T and Sprint filed the first known public IP-to-IP interconnection agreement involving a big RBOC. And, the major terms and details of this agreement may be a model for all industry players.
  •  In filings at the FCC and state public utility commissions, Verizon has defended their “confidential” IP interconnection agreements. Find out why!
  •  Are standard interconnection agreements (ICAs) and the underlying negotiation process applicable to IP interconnection? Large carriers argue for a “free market” approach but smaller carriers say they have zero leverage in that scenario.

The nation’s transition from TDM to IP has a ton of thorny issues for service providers and regulators… and the toughest just may be IP-to-IP interconnection.