Net Neutrality

The FCC’s Internet Freedom Order, when released on January 4, reignited a firestorm of diametrically opposite arguments from both sides of the argument. Content providers and consumer groups predicted a litany of abuses from slowed (even blocked) traffic and higher prices to paid prioritization and “robber baron” service providers. ISPs and major carriers said the Order would lead to higher speeds, more competitive and innovative markets and expanded broadband availability.

Discover what the FCC’s very controversial Order really means and get a concise look at the FCC’s landmark 539-page Order, so you can: 

  • Know how the Order impacts edge providers, enterprises, consumers and ISPs…and why the current FCC made such a radical departure from prior FCC policy.
  • Learn how some states – and many consumer groups – plan to fight the Order…and Andy’s view on their chances to succeed.
  • Hear the strategies and behaviors ISPs are likely to take under Title 1…you may be surprised!
  • Find out the role of the Federal Trade Commission who now has oversight of ISPs…and why the FCC “wants out” of internet regulation.
  • Get an accurate, real world look at how the Order will move though the many legal, regulatory and political challenges sure to come.