Net Neutrality Boot Camp

Breaking Down the FCC's Landmark Decision

Industry insider, Andy Regitsky, of CCMI provides a concise and detailed breakdown of exactly what the Order says (and doesn’t say) and a hard look at the legal challenges that are sure to come. Consider the following:

  •  Title II treatment carriers the specter of price regulation – even the imposition of tariffs. Will the FCC really be able to walk the fine line between a heavy and lite regulatory hand?
  •  The Order exempts (for now) Internet providers from contributing to the Connect America Fund. Why?
  •  The FCC had long avoided any involvement in traffic agreements between Internet edge providers, but the Order reverses that policy and interjects a ton of uncertainty for service providers. What does that mean for existing commercial deals?
  •  Cable companies, telecom companies, content providers and others are sure to challenge the FCC’s Order. Will their arguments prevail as the Order works its way through the appeals process (and likely all the way to the Supreme Court)?

Understand all of the issues and possible outcomes and cut through the noise and hype around net neutrality.