Net Neutrality Progress Report: July 2015

Where the Order stands and next steps

On June 12, 2015, the FCC’s controversial Open Internet Order took effect and so far it has passed initial legal challenges. But that does not necessarily mean there’s smooth sailing ahead. FCC insider Andy Regitsky, provides a concise look at several still unresolved issues and the legal hurdles the FCC’s Order still faces.

  •  The DC Circuit Court denied the stay requested by ISPs and cable companies.  Does that imply clear sailing as the legal process plays out?
  •  Title II reclassification brings some heavy regulatory baggage….like tariffs and network unbundling.  Is that what the FCC has in mind?
  •  What exactly does the FCC have in mind for commercial traffic agreements between ISPs and Internet edge providers?  Are interconnection agreements on the horizon?
  •  The FCC says ISPs are exempt from any requirement to contribute to the Connect America Fund.  How long will that last?

Make sure you have the insight and advice you need to understand what the Order means to your business and how best to prepare for all the likely outcomes.