Inside the FCC's Switched Access Reform

The FCC’s historic Order to reform terminating switched access rates and move to a bill-and-keep regime is a big step toward a more rational approach to the access market place.  But, your access cost management challenges are far from over!

Authored by FCC insider Andy Regitsky, Inside the FCC’s Switched Access Reform uncovers the many piece parts of switched access service that remain in place long after the Order’s implementation and that make up a multi-million dollar market.  Consider:

  •  Originating switched access is not included in the FCC Order…and is likely to remain untouched by the FCC
  •  ILEC transit costs – a big cost item for CLECs – are still a headache for carriers and regulators alike.
  •  Terminating transport – and the trade-offs between switched and dedicated transport – now demand a fresh look.
  •  And access tariffs are not going away and in fact are as critical to you cost management efforts as even.

Andy’s whitepaper covers each of these along with a detailed explanation of the FCC Order’s timeline.  It’s a must read paper for you and your entire staff!

Inside the FCC's Switched Access Reform