UC Morphs Into Social Collaboration

Discover how your enterprise can tap into UC&C

Unified Communications - UC – has been with us for a decade and just about every enterprise uses UC to funnel voice, email, video, text and presence into a single, seamless user interface.  What’s next? UC&C, Unified Communications & Collaboration, which adds the new dimension of workplace collaboration and offers the promise of big time productivity gains.

Download UC Morphs into Social Collaboration, an all-new CCMI Enterprise Whitepaper authored by industry guru Michael Finneran and discover:

CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   Which vendors are at the head of the pack
CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   Why email use is a serious drain on time and productivity
CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   How to jumpstart your UC&C intiative
CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   And much more

Make sure you know all about this latest trend and how your enterprise can benefit. 

UC Morphs Into Social Collaboration