Spring 2019 Regulatory Roundup

Industry stakeholders expect the FCC to issue crucial decisions on four thorny issues…and the FCC’s actions are sure to have long lasting policy, economic and technical ramifications. Watch CCMI’s FCC insider, Andy Regitsky, recap the issues in a fast-moving, information-packed 60-minute webinar. 

This webinar takes a look at:

  • Net Neutrality – the FCC’s Restoring Internet Freedom Order eliminated the net neutrality requirement, and that Order quickly made its way to the DC Circuit Court. What are the likely moves once the DC Circuit Court rules? 
  • Access Stimulation – the FCC has spelled out several drastic measures to curb the industry’s long-standing access stimulation schemes that pump high volume traffic to high cost local exchange carriers. Will the FCC will shift financial responsibility to the “stimulators”?
  • 8YY Originating Access – 8YY database query charges vary greatly – which compounds the practice of “double dipping” by both LECs and tandem providers. That’s just one aspect of 8YY originating access abuse that’s on the FCC priority list. Discover the FCC’s next steps on how to tackle this issue.
  • UNEs and Total Resale – the clock is ticking on the USTelecom Petition to absolve large ILECs of their responsibility to offer unbundled network elements (UNEs) and total resale facilities at prices that make economic sense for CLECs. Learn which way the FCC is leaning on an initiative that will define the future of local exchange competition.

Watch today so you and your business are prepared for the actions the FCC will be taking over the next few months!