Telecom Under Trump: Dec 2016

Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the 2016 presidential election has everyone wondering how the next four years will play out … and nowhere more so than in the telecom industry!  In 2017, Republicans take over what had been a Democratic controlled FCC and that means many – maybe all – recent FCC regulatory decisions will be eliminated or greatly minimized.  Some veteran industry watchers also think the (woefully outdated) 1996 Telecommunications Act will see a major rewrite.

Discover what the regulatory upheaval means to ILECs, CLECs, cable companies and enterprises alike at Telecom Under Trump, a FREE 60 minute CCMI webinar with FCC insider Andy Regitsky. 

Join Andy along with your peers and discover:

  •  If the FCC’s current net neutrality rules will be scrapped … and what new rules, if any, replace them.
  •  How Internet traffic prices are affected under new net neutrality regime.
  •  Why zero-rated services may face a bright future under a Republican FCC.
  •  What special access and Ethernet prices will look like in the aftermath of the Business Data Services (BDS) proceeding debacle.
  •  When you’ll see the FCC overturn the controversial privacy rules for ISPs.
  •  If inter-carrier compensation reform is extended to originating access.
  •  Plus Andy breaks down the piece parts of the 1996 Telecom Act that are on Congress’ radar.
  •  And, as always, Andy has set aside time to tackle your toughest questions.

Make sure you understand – and are ready for - what will be a game changing 2017.