Foiling Those Cloud Gotchas

How to Avoid Cloud Security and Performance Pitfalls

The latest prediction is that by 2017, 80% of enterprises will be using hybrid clouds.  And while the cost savings and scalability benefits are great, so are the increased security and WAN performance issues.

Download Foiling Those Cloud Gotchas, for an insightful look at the security and performance problems baked into the growth of hybrid clouds. You’ll discover novel approaches to security, like the increasingly popular Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) and ways to improve WAN performance, like Amazon’s Direct Connect.

Foiling Those Cloud Gotchas, by Joanie M. Wexler, will walk you through:

CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   The challenges
CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   Cloud security
CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   CASB deployment alternatives
CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   WAN performance considerations

CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   Managing cloud access network costs

Jumpstart your security and performance initiatives and safely reap all the benefits of cloud computing. Get your free copy now!

Foiling Those Cloud Gotchas