Telecom Mergers 2016: A Road Map for enterprise users

A concise look at today’s marketplace and the intriguing merger possibilities over the next 12-24 months

Is Verizon really planning to jettison its wireline business? And if so, who’s the likely buyer? How about Comcast, what do they need to do to be a serious player in the enterprise market? Are Level 3 and T-Mobile the missing pieces of the puzzle for a company that needs to round out their enterprise service offerings? Get the answers in CCMI’s enterprise whitepaper, Telecom Mergers 2016: A Road Map for Enterprise Users, by David Rohde of TechCaliber Consulting which walks you through the potential moves by industry stalwarts like:

CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   Verizon
CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   Comcast
CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   Level 3
CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png   T-Mobile
CCMI-logo-orange-bullet-tiny.png  And others

David’s hard hitting analysis lays out the pro and cons of all the likely marketplace moves…mergers and acquisitions that have profound short and long term ramifications for enterprise users. 

Telecom Mergers 2016: A Road Map for enterprise users